Steps to deal with MONEY-RELATED anxiety

On your first postpartum check-up, the OBGYN hands you a list of questions.
 - Are you sleeping OK when the baby sleeps?
 - Are you worried about financial hardship now that you have a new baby?
 - Do you get support from your partner?
The list goes on - they are screening you for signs of postpartum depression.

At that blissful time all I knew about depression was purely theoretical. So my first thought was “Well, if you have an un-supportive partner, an unstable money situation, if you’re sleep deprived -  you’re going to feel stressed even if your postpartum mind, body, and hormones are on their best behavior.”

I know better these days.
But I still believe that money worries cause huge amounts of anxiety. Tremendous.
I’m not going to cite any statistics (have you heard that 87.4% of all cited statistics were invented on the spot?), but you have probably noticed that money worries impact our relationships, our performance on the job, our health - everything.

So how do we cope?

By taking an ACTIVE role in managing our money.

Let me unpack this somewhat nebulous phrase into a 4-step process: 
Step 1: Set your financial goals

Step 2: Outline your top priorities (no more than a handful)

Step 3: Create a system to track your progress towards these goals. System means you have
             - the right tools,
             - a process you can easily follow
              - and ideally, built-in accountability.

Step 4: Track progress, tweak, repeat.

If you need a hand to set-up this process your business (or your household), 
check out my MONEY GOALS 3-6 service.
In 2 one-on-one sessions we'll set realistic financial goals for the next 3-6 months, after helping you analyze your income streams and expenses. 
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What you get:

  • Clear money goals for the next 3 to 6 month - hard numbers in dollars. Why just 3-6 months, you ask? These goals tend to be more tangible, and therefore easier to realize.
  • A system to track your income streams and expenses - taking the guesswork out of how much money go in and out every month. 
    Remember? Tools, process, foundation for accountability. All in there.
  • A solid idea about your most profitable products or services - and a clear understanding where it pays to invest your energy.
  • As a bonus - my clients report a sharp drop in money-related anxiety. I'm no therapist, but it stands to reason that feeling in control makes you worry less, especially when it comes to the lifeblood of your business. 

Check it out here: MONEY GOALS 3-6

That's it for today. Next post is about reviewing money goals, why bother, what to avoid, and how to make it painless.