Episode 24: Our Favorite BAD Business Advice

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In season II final episode we talk about our favorite BAD business advice.

Show notes:

  • 2:42 What are your competitors charging? Charge less!
  • Is it bad advice? Seriously? But why?! (That, and a rant about Uber)
  • 6:10 Oh, special and unique one, do what your love! Oh!... (No, really. But that’s the whole point of entrepreneurship/career/my special snowflake status!)
  • There’s a short case study about how many people *stay* in business if all they plan to do, ever and exclusively, is what they love.
  • 10:37 If you don’t quit your job, you’re clearly not all in! Why this is another dangerous gem.
  • 12:04 What conditions have to be met, so “going all in” is not a ruinous choice?
  • 14:00 Gender-specific and racist business advice or “Are you not Gal Friday?”
  • 16:35 Getting all starry-eyed by (other people’s) big $$$ numbers:  the consequences. Plus an “oh, my sweet summer child” story of an adorable delusion on Reddit.
  • 25:15 Marina talks about the hidden dangers of seeing yourself as “not a big spender”. Things add up! Oh, so, so quickly…
  • 26:40 Getting into a crowded market – is it a good or a bad business advice?

    What's your favorite BAD business advice? 

Ep 23: Have you tried making things MORE challenging?

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Show notes:

In this episode we talk about the counter-intuitive way of making things harder  - why it's makes things more satisfying, and more importantly, why and when it WORKS.

  • 02:30 Using exercise examples-- how problem-solving during climbing engages Marina so much that she doesn’t notice how hard she’s working.
  • 06:00 Shanna uses progress as a way to avoid boredom. Talks about rucking as a way of intensely engaging in walking or hiking.
  • 09:00 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Flow -- why making your work more challenging gets you into flow
  • 11:30 This is somewhat like play, but you’re also raising the stakes
  • 14:00 Use it as a “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” -- Even in the challenging straits of business
  • 17:00 Shanna’s current challenge: Pulling out all my system-based knowledge out of her brain to share with a VA.

Episode 21: The Bus Problem

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Show Notes:

  • 03:00 Are you more likely to get hit by a bus or win the lottery? And which is more likely to ruin your life?

  • 05:30 Shanna gives examples of how “the bus problem” has bit her, and how she was inspired to do better.

  • 8:30 What happens when YOU are hit by the bus

  • 10:00 How preparing for the bus problem differs from just stepping aside and hiring help a la Tim Ferriss

  • 12:30 Solving the Bus problem when you’re a one-person show

  • 13:45 The difference between ‘defensive strategies’ and ‘exit strategies’

  • 17:30 Identifying mission critical tasks that need to be handled and plan ahead to solve them

  • 20:00 Marina considers the difficulty of outsourcing her personality

  • 23:30 Shanna shares how she delegates to VAs in such a way that the bus is less affecting

  • 27:30 Dealing with control freak tendencies in order to be able to solve the bus problem

Do you think about your own bus problems? Please share in the comments!

Episode 20: Why One System to Rule Them All is a BAD IDEA

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Show Notes for episode 20, where we talk about using various productivity apps for specific and different purposes, for letting go of the idea of “one big system to do everything”, and disagree about using Asana and Trello.

  • 1:36 Why using a dashboard to do EVERYTHING is a bad idea? Beyond the fact that they don’t exist

  • 5:49 What to do *in practice* instead of a catch-all system juggernaut?

    8:22 Functional differences between Trello, Asana, and Slack – which app works best for specific purposes

  • 13:18 Shanna and Marina disagree – should you use BOTH Asana and Trello?

  • 17:01 What does it mean “system like water” and why it’s important

  • 22:05 Most common mistakes when mixing up everything in one place (Asana mismanagement, anyone?)

  • 23:34 Why people don’t bother with a to-do list and how to prevent it

  • 28:58 What to expect when trying a new system, no matter what tools you choose


Episode 19: Dashboards and Project Planning – Tools for Solopreneurs

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  • 1:00 How we use (and don’t use) paper planners
  • 3:00 Drawbacks of a pure analog system
  • 5:00 When daily planning becomes project planning and the necessary tools required
  • 9:00 Marina breaks down when Gantt charts are the most suitable tool
  • 10:30 Shanna discusses why the ability to hide the things you can’t work on yet in Workflowy
  • 12:00 Different apps for different types of work
  • 13:00 Why a perfect “business dashboard” doesn’t exist
  • 15:00 Dashboard workarounds
  • 20:15 How dashboard touchstones help you maintain routines and rituals even when things are in a shambles.
  • 23:00 A long digression about Bullet Journals and the various ways they can be utilized.
  • 27:00 How to avoid spending too much time working on working rather than working.


Bullet Journals