What even the best Budgeting apps CANNOT do for you? (And how to deal with it)

Welcome to the Whys, Hows, and Please-Don'ts of Budgeting and Planning part III. This time  - let's look at what all these wonderful budgeting apps from  last post  CANNOT provide.


The short answer - no app can plan and set your large-scale money goals  for  you. 

But, wait, Marina, you said Mint, YNAB,etc., allow me to save for specific purposes!
Yes, they do. You want to save for a trip to Yosemite? The app will help. You want to buy a new laptop? Sure, the apps will show you how to budget for it.

But what about planning your income goals?
Realistic and achievable ones, I mean.
Do you have a $$$ number you plan to make in the next 3-6 months? Not just "as much as I can", but a concrete dollar figure to guide your efforts? As in "I plan to make $XXXX by serving clients one-one-one, and $XXXXX from selling group services, and $YYXX from e-course sales"?

The apps are wonderful. Really. Mint.com brought so much order and control into my life. But they are merely tools to facilitate a process - planning your income, based on your needs, hard data, and informed assumptions.
You're better off setting goals and planning your income in a scrappy notebook, than diligently using the sleekest app to it's max potential.

This process is what really brings in the money. And perhaps, more importantly, a sense of controlling the fate of your business

How do you go about that? 
How do know which goals are realistic? How do you know you're not setting yourself up for failure? 
 - You track
 - You analyze
 - You plan your steps, using numbers.

Maybe you have already tried, got discouraged and never finished the goal-setting. Maybe you see yourself more of an idea-generator rather than a numbers person. maybe dealing with money makes you uncomfortable. Maybe you lack a good system (process+tools) to support your goal-setting and planning.

If this is you, I have an offer: a short and sweet MONEY GOALS 3-6 service.
Two one-on-one sessions, with homework in-between. We'll set realistic financial goals for the next 3-6 months, after helping you analyze your income streams and expenses. 

You can even get it at launch price, 50% off, if you sign up before Feb-3.

Some of the benefits: 

  • Clear money goals for the next 3 to 6 month - hard numbers in dollars.
  • A system to track your income streams and expenses - Taking the guesswork out of how much money is left at the end of the month.
  • A solid idea about your most profitable products or services - and a clear understanding where it pays to invest your energy
  • As a bonus - my clients report a sharp drop in money-related anxiety. I'm no therapist, but it stands to reason that feeling in control makes you worry less, especially when it comes to the lifeblood of your business. 

Check it out here: MONEY GOALS 3-6

That's it for today. Go do amazing things!
P.S. Next post - about Money-related anxiety and ways to deal with it.