Just touch it!

When we procrastinate, sometimes the hardest thing is to start.
A good friend and an ADHD Coach Jennie Friedman teaches this fun and useful strategy:

Just touch it!

You had to pay bills three weeks ago, but the dishes, the new article, that microscopic spot on your nose, felt way more urgent? Just touch it! 
“It” being your favorite Bill Pay app, or the top of that stack of paperwork, shooting you resentful looks from the coffee table. Paying an Everest of bills is understandably scary. Touching the top envelop? Doable.

Packing your entire house for a move? (Liv, I’m looking at you)  - God-awful.
Can you touch that a flat cardboard box for me? Of course you can. And just like that you fold and tape it. And then put a few books in it. See, how you get into flow?

This Just-touch-it! hack no less effective for work-related tasks.

Making outreach calls can be paralyzing. But if you just. touch. your. phone… your brain will slide more naturally into making that first call. And then maybe the second.

Writing a book? Forget it. Even writing a chapter is daunting. But just-touching a mouse, double-clicking and writing a few characters of abracadabra is… silly. Way to gain momentum!

I could get into a lengthy scientific explanation why “Just Touch It” works, but it’s beautiful outside, so here’s the TL;DR version: When you touch something, you crush the barrier to start telling your brain “I’m in the middle of this task, catch up!” And your brain dutifully begins working at solving the problem at hand.

(If you want more detailed information on the topic - here’s a good book)


That’s it for today
Let me know what helps you start a big, daunting task!

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