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Anne Moss

The Cat Site

I knew I needed help but wasn't absolutely sure this would be the right way to go. Looking back I can hardly believe how much I’ve achieved since we started working together!

I think the bottom line is the most impressive here. I now make four times more money every month than I did when we first started! But there's a whole lot more to the story. Marina helped me through an extremely challenging stage, getting my business to grow and develop. Having just split up from a major partner, I had to re-organize the entire structure of my business. It was this huge and confusing project. She helped me break it down into manageable chunks, prioritize, and work through them one by one, overcoming the many obstacles along the way.

I loved Marina’s cool-headed approach and practical tools for addressing challenges. Lots of useful tips and insights which were very helpful. I must say though, I think the emotional support was just as important. Having someone I could absolutely trust lend me an ear and a shoulder was invaluable.

She also helped me gain a new perspective of myself and my abilities. Every time we talk, the way Marina seems to appreciate my business and my abilities gives me a real confidence boost.

Anyone who's at an important junction of his or her business would benefit from the guidance, encouragement and support that she provides!

On top of being a supportive and enthusiastic coach, you bring a vast knowledge of tools and systems to the table. A great combination of emotional support and hands-on experience with managing projects and processes!

Emily Sauer

OhNut Founder

When we started working together, I was hesitant – I didn’t know how to run a company and I wasn’t sure how Marina was going to help me without actually being involved in the day-to-day.  

But she’s the kind of person who fully dedicates her energy to the work you’re building. I didn’t know what I didn’t know about business strategy and product development - and Marina enthusiastically helped shape the structure for me to grow within.

I tend to be impulsive and lack internal systems, which generally inhibits my ability to thoroughly follow-through with task completion. Marina patiently used trial and error with different tools to instill a sense of higher level strategizing. The beauty of it was that instead of feeling a heavy sense of failure with each strategy attempt she always found a way to recognize what I was doing well.

She gave me the tools to start an Accountability Group – which, honestly, kept my feet on the ground for a year. It helped me learn how to maintain a sense of integrity with my work, how to set achievable goals, and how to create a higher level strategy for life goal priorities (even simple ones), not solely business goals.

Susan Hasty

The 360 Profit Masters

I knew Marina’s guidance would be invaluable to me after our first call! Since we started working together, I’ve experienced a change in mindset… a more structured thinking about projects.

I'm able to define and schedule tasks without feeling overwhelmed.  

Marina managed to keep me on track despite all my shining objects popping up, and I loved that. Now I’m hooked on Smartsheet.  I'm also more realistic regarding how long projects will take to complete.

If you’re an entrepreneur or organization that has a critical project or product launch, I would definitely recommend hiring Marina. She has a well-crafted process of pulling out MIT's and teaching your clients how to think that way.

She’s delightful to work with, and her energy and passion is contagious. Marina is diplomatic, yet firm which made our engagement fun and productive.

Tereasa Jones

Coached Living

I have been in the business for almost 20 years, but since we started working together I have become much more intentional and mindful of my time.  Because of this, I have moved forward on a couple of HUGE projects and am able to break things down so that I can achieve some success every week – this helps me not become too discouraged. 

I was introduced to tools that I was either not familiar with or uncertain how to use.  Marina is great at helping us work through the technical stuff as well as helping us not feel bad that we don’t know how to do certain things.

I would definitely recommend Marina to people that are going through transition in setting up or changing direction in their business.

She is smart.  She cuts through the hard technical stuff and show us how to make technology work for us.  For me, though, the best thing about her is that she’s patient, kind, and supportive.  I have no doubt that she will be there on my team and on my side for many years to come, perhaps in different capacities, but I know we will be in each other’s lives and that she will give me more than I actually pay for!!  I really really appreciate that!

Marina, is a special person.  She tells the truth even when it would be easier just to go along to get along.  When we want to go in a different direction, however, she supports us and her support is unconditional.

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Maria Granovsky, PhD., J.D

Communications for Legal Market

I can't say enough good things about Marina. As someone who's juggling many projects, and sometimes has a hard time prioritizing the important over the interesting, I needed to set a workable schedule that would get everything done and not lead to burnout. Marina helped me do just that, efficiently and compassionately. She listened to my priorities, pushed back when it was necessary, and got me to a place where I can concentrate on the stuff that I have to do without the constant nagging feeling that there might be something more important that I should be doing. Thank you, Marina!

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Cathy Tibbles

WordPress Barista

“After working with Marina I have a realistic goal, and actually KNOW what number to "pick out of my head" when setting a financial goal! Oh - and I can also keep track of expenses so I don’t get overwhelmed at tax time, AND I can even figure out which products are making me the most, and how many of each I need to make it to my goal - wahoo! 

Marina is blunt and forthright, and it’s great! I always know what she’s thinking and it makes for a really easy and comfortable conversation. She’s honest! Even when it’s uncomfortable - which I happen to love! 

I’d recommend Marina to anyone who needs to set financial goals - who hates numbers - who wants the setup done for them, and who needs help setting up a system.


Emily J. Volden LICSW

Psychotherapy Center for Wellness

Marina Darlow was the missing link and strategy I needed to better actualize my business vision and grow its potential. She recognized the value of my work, understood the impact I hoped to make in the world, and helped me to lift the barriers that had been holding me back.

Marina brings a rare combination of corporate project management expertise, business leadership knowledge, and a collaborative approach that is infused with insightful perspective, compassionate patience, and remarkable listening skills. She revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions in terms of how I manage my workload, lead my business, and accomplish my goals.

With Marina's help, I feel more organized, clear, productive, and in-control than ever before, not just in work but in life as a whole. I name Marina Darlow as one of the top contributors to the success that I enjoy as a business owner today. Vision Framework, and particularly Marina Darlow, is one of the most invaluable resources available to any business leader who wants to perform at a higher and more effective level.

Kathryn Rotondo

Web Developer and Interactivist

I'm a web developer, and very tech savvy. So I was surprised at how much Marina helped me to better organize my systems. For example, I was already using Google Calendar, but she helped me to visually organize different types of work that I do, so that I can see at a glance whether my focus should be on client work, business development, or other projects at any given time.

Marina challenges me to change the way I do things, so that I can run my business more effectively. This means breaking worn-in patterns that aren't serving me, which can be really hard work. But Marina completely understands how difficult it is to change behaviors, and gently encourages me from different angles until finding what works.

The fact that I can work remotely with Marina is a huge plus. I would not be able to find anyone of her skills and caliber in my local area. But thanks to her warm professionalism, the conversation flows as naturally as if we were in the same room.

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Deb Goeschel

Principal, Message Artist

Marina is a consummate professional and will absolutely help you streamline your processes, find you time, and save you money—not to mention save you a lot of frustration along the way! So many of us are passionate about our businesses and serving our clients, but we do not possess the knowledge of how to effectively set up the necessary business systems—everything from auto-filtering email to project/client management to billing—that will improve our profit margins and overall day-to-day productivity.

Marina not only does know, she knows it well and knows how to effectively share that knowledge with sensitivity and understanding. She listens, observes, and then serves you up the best solution for you and your business. She helped me focus and figure out what systems I needed as I started my own business. I highly recommend working with Marina and Vision Framework!


Maureen Cary

Independent Publishing Professional

Professional and flexible to work with, Marina helps break down complex tasks into manageable formats. The charts and graphs she designed for me provide a clear picture of my most profitable clients. By then encouraging me to work with my calendar, I was able to identify available times to work on business development, including reaching out to new clients. Having both the time and the knowledge of where the profits are is valuable information to have for the future success of my business.

Meagan Murphy Forget

Documentary Producer

Working with Vision Framework has been both pleasurable and eye-opening. Marina's friendly style, combined with her laser focus and commitment to a results-oriented process, has helped me to create a foundation from which I can systematically progress towards my goals and dreams.