3 steps to shorter workdays, bigger paychecks, and more energy.

This program is designed to help a SoloPreneur (you!) get MORE of the holy trinity:
more time, more money, more energy. And also LESS: less stress, fewer mistakes, lower costs.  It usually takes under three weeks to put into work, and the results reported so far present entrepreneurs finally feeling (and in fact, being) in control of their businesses.


Before working with Marina I lost money starting projects and never following through.  As a result of working with Marina I’ve been more money conscious, less stressed, and significantly more productive and efficient.  As someone who tends to be creative and only sees the big picture Marina’s systems and support have been the much needed to key to my success!

 - Eunice Wharton, MSW & Mindfulness Educator, Taking Care Of You


Step 1:

When you stop and reflect on the current state of affairs of the systems' piece in your business, you find surprising insights. (Such as "I didn't realize I don't track my travel expenses!"  or "turns out the biggest time sucker is updating my Social Media"). More importantly, a hard look into your current systems allows us to tailor the CUSTOM solution for your unique situation.
Which brings us to...

Step 2:
You'll receive GUIDES and TEMPLATES , customized for YOUR VERY OWN BUSINESS.  
Templates save you tons of time, energy, and money. Not re-inventing the wheel ever time very quickly translates in to more productive hours and more energy. How do templates make you money?
One - by helping to avoid the majority of costly mistakes, and two - by freeing up time and mental space to take on more clients, create new products, promote your services - in short, make more income.

At the end of this program you'll have your own:

  • Budget and Cash Flow - Taking the guesswork out of "how much money is left at the end of the month" and having a pretty good idea when you can finally buy that electric lift massage table/soulful branding class/your own studio/you-name-it.

  • Pricing calculator  - My most popular service to date. Just plug in your prices and see how many hours you'll need to work and how much money you'll end up making. Now change your pricing and check the results again - how would your new numbers impact your schedule and your bottom line?

  • Invoice Template - Remove this one little decision out of your workflow to make it a bit smoother.

  • Quote template - Save the pain of doing the math every time you send a quote. Surprisingly, this way quotes tend to go out quicker, making the client more likely to sign up. 

  • Email Freedom Manual -This one saves mind-boggling amounts of time! And overwhelm. Not to mention it's the way to stop loosing clients in your Inbox.

  • Time Management Guide - This is the portion responsible for the "SHORTER DAYS" part of the program title. The Guide is a step-by-step, easy-to-implement manual that will save you hours without dramatic efforts and major habit overhauls on your part. Actually let me re-phrase that. It will produce hours of productive time.

But wait, that's not all!

Step 3: 
I'll walk you through IMPLEMENTATION of the ONE SYSTEM, in need of the MOST ATTENTION
(your choice):

Sometimes manuals and templates are not enough, you need an actual human come in and put something in place for you. Preferably teaching you how to make the best use of it, once it's in place. Good news - that's exactly what I'm going to do for you. You can choose one of the following systems to put in top shape:

  • Budget and Cash Flow 

  • Pricing calculator 

  • Calendar and Project Management 

  • All Your Info Organized system


This program is for you if you can relate to at least one bullet below

  • You have more clients than you can personally serve, and it's time to stop flying by the seat of your pants. This program will help you re-gain control of your business.

  • You're a whirlwind visionary, that doesn't like to be bothered by mundane stuff, because your core work is all-consuming. I'm a big believer in realistic expectations, so I won't promise to completely eliminate the need to deal with admin and operations. But you can expect to reduce your admin involvement by more than half.

  • You are beginning your entrepreneurial journey, and you want to do it right from the start.

  THE COST:   $976. Visa, Amex, PayPal, or Dwolla are all accepted. Talk to me if you'd like a payment plan. 


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This program consists of six individual sessions and a good amount of homework on your part as well as on mine. We'll start with an hour-long Assessment Session to determine the operations' needs of your business and tailor your custom SoloPreneur Program. Over the next couple weeks you'll receive a bundle of personalized guides and templates, custom-made for your business (see list above).

During the 3 following sessions we'll go over your customized templates in great detail. This is when we'll be making sure you're fully trained, and comfortable using your new shiny tools.

Then you'll get one of the following systems implemented for you: Budget and Cash Flow OR Pricing calculator OR Calendar and Project Management OR All Your Info Organized system. Once the system is in place you'll get trained on how to (easily!) use it to its full potential. This would happen during our last session together.

We'll hold our session over Skype, Google Hangout, GoToMeeting, or any other program you use for videoconferencing. If you're local to Boston area, we can even meet in person!  


Sounds good? 

Great! Contact me today to set up your Assessment.
You can shoot me an email or click here for a free consultation