“Do what works”: using systems that work for YOU, personally - with Jodi Hume


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In this episode I talk to Jodi Hume, a personal strategist & facilitator for busy leaders and their teams. She is a passionate guide for the conversations that really matter, whether they're with your team, with your loved ones, or in your own head. We discuss business taboo conversations, custom systems that work (no matter what anyone says), and separating fears from facts. Actually, we discuss many more juicy bits - tune in!

HIGHLIGHTS, and QUOTES [episode 10]:

We talk about 

  • Outsourcing – battling your weaknesses and allowing you to work with more people.

  • Turning your weaknesses into your signature strength - finding the right words was a struggle for Jodi because of learning disability, so she started using metaphors. Now these metaphors are part of the magic she creates for her clients.

  • The unhealthy dynamic caused by doing what you’re not good at ("I’m a flake!").

Marina on tools vs. systems:

“You can have the greatest tools– Acquity or Calendly, or any other wonderful software. If your process is broken – because it doesn’t tap into the right part of your brain and your genius lies elsewhere – the best tools in the world aren’t going to fully help you.”

  • Taboo conversations in business and about business – mostly about failure, but actually about anything that’s not raging success.

  • The right time for systematizing things – going from a "field medic" to a "surgical team".

  • Systemic failures that cause miscommunications and badly hurt company culture (and bottom line).


Jodi: “Progress looks like a new set of problems, and I love that! It takes away the shame – if you want to grow, expect to have problems!”

About Jodi:

From an early age, Jodi Hume has been making sense of tough situations. She has a knack for separating the truth from fears & fiction, and a keen way of discerning and synthesizing the core issues that keep people, and their organizations, from moving forward.

Whether Jodi is leading a strategic planning session, a corporate retreat or working one-on-one with a senior leader, Jodi’s is untangling the important conversations and decisions that shape lives and businesses. She has a particular soft-spot for the conversations that stuck swirling with no place to go… which led to her newest project: So Here’s My Story… a weekly podcast for real, honest, business.

You can find Jodi on:

Her website: www.JodiHume.com on her podcast  So Here’s My Story