Happy Accounting with Katherine Pomerantz


My guest today is Katherine Pomerantz. She’s an incredibly enthusiastic, resourceful, and knowledgeable money mentor. Katherine translates accounting and business jargon into happy English and trains her clients to lead, think strategically, and improve (read: love) their relationship with money.

She combines 1:1 coaching and worksheets with practical tax and bookkeeping services. And she is absolutely in love with her job!

This episode is a lively debate - we disagree about quite a few things. Why people resent systems, how we feel about Quickbooks,  when is the right time to install a big boy system for your business. I think you'd like hearing us disagree and me being a difficult host.



Katherine on money mindset:

If your heart and your head is not really in the game, then you can’t move forward. (Tweet that)

  • Building trust: there's a step before clear communications. It's understanding what you want vs. what you need.

  • Financial Documents security - are Google Drive and DropBox secure enough?

  • Why do people hate systems? Is it because we only notice when a system breaks, or is it about giving up control to a system you don't fully understand?

  • When it's time to upgrade to a big girl system like QuickBooks or InfusionSoft or some such?

Marina on control and resentment:

People don’t what to relinquish control to a black box they don’t fully understand. 
If you don’t trust the system and don’t fully understand it, there comes resentment, which leads to avoidance, and you end up with no systems and it’s a mess. (Tweet that)

Apps we mention in the episode:

QuickBooks online



Strategic money mindset and healthy attitude are as essential to recurring revenue as your accountant's tax and bookkeeping expertise.

Katherine, in her own words:

Hi! I'm the most enthusiastic, resourceful, and dedicated money mentor you'll ever meet. I help entrepreneurs on the edge of burn out improve their relationship with money so they can build their business empire authentically and sustainably. I translate accounting and business jargon and train my clients to lead, think strategically, and love their money by combing 1:1 coaching and worksheets with practical tax and bookkeeping services. And I love my job! I absolutely live for the moment my clients stop stressing and start acting like the badass CEO they always were.

You can find Katherine at
Her websitebookkeepingartist.com


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