Systems that Power the Team behind FreeeUp - with co-founder Connor Gillivan


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Today I'm interviewing Connor Gillivan, a co-founder of FreeeUp, a marketplace  that connects businesses of all shapes and sizes with hundreds of top (vetted!) freelancers all over the world. We talk about systems that helped him not only stay sane, but grow FreeeUp over 500% during the last year alone. 


We talk about 

  • The essential qualities that create good systems for different parts of FreeeUp community: freelancers, business owners, and internal team. It's all about clear expectations, really.

  • Making it easy: using software that supports a good clear user experience (Connor: “almost directions”) and combining it with a live person. (Marina: "It's comforting,  it builds trust,  and makes you feel safe").

  • The commonalities between Marketing systems and Operations systems:
    At FreeeUp these two are run by completely separate teams. But there regular interation between them and they need to know what each other are doing.

    Connor: “Both inside and outside it’s the same Mindset, they are just tackling different areas.

  • Coping with emotional challenges using a strict regimen and a rigid schedule





"Sometimes you don’t know what you’d need a process for. But you should always approach it from a standpoint of “how do I make it into a process”. Especially once you find success, it’s a great idea to trace back your steps, see what you’ve done right and make it into a process.


About Connor:

Connor a 27-year old serial entrepreneur that started out of his college dorm room. He sold over $25 million on Amazon, have grown over 500% in the past year, runs his own blog,, and recently published a book for bootstrapping startups. Before starting his first business, he lived and worked 2 summers in South Africa building social businesses in extremely impoverished communities.

You can find Connor at

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