Emily Volden Marina Darlow was the missing link and strategy I needed to better actualize my business vision and grow its potential. She recognized the value of my work, understood the impact I hoped to make in the world, and helped me to lift the barriers that had been holding me back.

Marina brings a rare combination of corporate project management expertise, business leadership knowledge, and a collaborative approach that is infused with insightful perspective, compassionate patience, and remarkable listening skills. She revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions in terms of how I manage my workload, lead my business, and accomplish my goals.

With Marina's help, I feel more organized, clear, productive, and in-control than ever before, not just in work but in life as a whole. I name Marina Darlow as one of the top contributors to the success that I enjoy as a business owner today. Vision Framework, and particularly Marina Darlow, is one of the most invaluable resources available to any business leader who wants to perform at a higher and more effective level.