Build and translate business strategy into daily actions, and follow through (gasp!) on your plans,
so you can focus on work you’re truly good at, create more impact, money, and enjoy the process. 
So far, my clients report finally feeling (and in fact, being) in control of their businesses.

Make ANYTHING Happen Pilot program is designed to meet the your individual needs, combining training and system implementation with support and accountability. The group will be small: 10 people max


Before working with Marina I lost money starting projects and never following through.  As a result of working with Marina I’ve been more money conscious, less stressed, and significantly more productive and efficient.  As someone who tends to be creative and only sees the big picture Marina’s systems and support have been the much needed to key to my success!

                                                                        - Eunice Wharton, MSW & Mindfulness Educator

About 10 years ago I was thrown head-first into the deep waters of my first job in the US. Imagine a jump from a project analyst position to managing a number of really big, multi-million dollar projects across three continents, while adjusting to a very different culture. The time I used to spend with friends and family? That was now a painful void. Add to that an acute awareness that I'm the breadwinner - my husband's grad school stipend couldn’t support a family.
No pressure.

I wish someone in that company would teach me the foundations of time management, good communications, delegation skills, and above all, translating project goals into daily tasks. No such luck.

Fast-forward a year.

Things finally started falling in place. Projects launched. Our schedules got ...saner.

My office wasn't nearly as nice. it's just a stock photo - for illustration

People started appreciating my work, because they saw results. I made their lives easier.

Things started to look up! And then came a Huge Layoff. They let go about 30% of the company's US workforce.
A week later two things happened: my team in Holland almost filed a complaint with my boss . They wanted to work with me and no one else.
And I found out I'm going to have a baby. 
Soon enough I was interviewing for a new position - I had a family to support. I like to think that recommendations from my former co-workers tipped the scale in my favor. Five months pregnant, I got the job.

My first job offered very little training. I had to come up with my own systems and structures to get things done, or else…

Not really having a choice, I developed methods for managing my time and habits, as well as simple ways to translate non-immediate goals into daily actions. It has a lot to do with routines, with maintaining energy levels, and with using the right amount of energy for the right task.

Eventually I left the corporate and started my own business, teaching methods and techniques that helped me survive these first years. Obviously, things evolved over time, as I got familiar with new tools, and most importantly - as I got to know heart-centered visionaries that I'm lucky to call my audience. 
These days I work with highly creative, frenzy-minded entrepreneurs and professionals, many of whom are ADHD-gifted - officially, or "just" wired with hallmark symptoms. The course below was developed for these people. Folks like you.

Make ANYTHING Happen combines my research and experience.

I’ve noticed that people love setting goals, they even make plans, but when it comes to IMPLEMENTING them, never mind doing it consistently, from week to week… then we have a problem. So I designed a course that teaches how to TRANSLATE goals and plans into daily actions, using IMPLEMENTATION tactics, triggers, and live hand-holding. Remember that "live" part, we'll get to it in a sec.

Here's what you're going to learn:

Week 1: Laying the groundwork: making sure your plans are TRANSLATABLE

We'll explore a number of strategies to ensure your plans are defined well enough to be translated into weekly and daily actions. We'll go beyond classic "break down your goal into smaller chunks" and learn to harness mind-mapping and narrative-creation to craft plans that are, well, doable. 
And learn the tools and tech to help you along.

Week 2: Translating Long-term plans to Mid- and short-term actions

In this module you'll design your own process - how to take a piece of a plan and tease out the weekly and daily actions. We'll set up support systems to make it easy and low-maintenance, and set up your Accountability Structure based on your preferred "mode of operation".

Week 3: Implementing short-term plans/action lists

Week 3 is the culmination of the course. This is where we'd learn about IMPLEMENTATION triggers and habits. 

Week 4: Reviewing your process

Wrapping up! We'll review your long-term plans, your own TRANSLATION process from long-term plans to weekly and daily actions, and see how the new accountability structure is working for you. I'll answer any questions that have come up during the course, making sure you're equipped to Make ANYTHING Happen.

At the end of this course you'll have your own:

 - Low-maintenance routines in place to make and execute plans easily

 - A mechanism to translate big plans into daily actions

 - Systems that let you effortlessly prioritize what needs to be done, and what can wait

 - Implementation tactics and triggers that work for you. Personally.

Marina, how are you going to deliver?

This course includes pre-recorded video lessons, worksheets to guide you through your homework, and FOUR LIVE ZOOM SESSIONS.
My previous students have told me they got the biggest value from doing things in class. When I'm there to guide, and other classmates are present, creating a safe framework to get things done there and then.

Weekly videos and worksheets will become available each Monday (you'll get a notification in your Inbox), and the Live session will be scheduled for later during the week. You'll have a say about the time and the day pf the week - I'm making the group intentionally small, to ensure each student gets as much attention as possible.

Speaking of personal attention - you'll have a direct email "hotline" to me, 24/7. I usually respond within a couple hours. 

May I take you by the hand and walk you thru simple steps to change your execution practices – once and for all?

WE start:   Jul-17-2017
cost:          $197

Or 3 payments of $68


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Make ANYTHING Happen

Build and translate business strategy into daily actions, and follow through (gasp!) on your plans.
So you can focus on work you’re truly good at, create more impact, money, and enjoy the process. 
So far, my clients report finally feeling (and in fact, being) in control of their businesses.

We start:  jul-17-2017
cost:         $197

or 3 payments of $68


       100% secure Payment with PayPal or Credit Card


You can shoot me an email or click here for a free consultation.