Episode 24: Our Favorite BAD Business Advice

cover epi 24.jpg

In season II final episode we talk about our favorite BAD business advice.

Show notes:

  • 2:42 What are your competitors charging? Charge less!
  • Is it bad advice? Seriously? But why?! (That, and a rant about Uber)
  • 6:10 Oh, special and unique one, do what your love! Oh!... (No, really. But that’s the whole point of entrepreneurship/career/my special snowflake status!)
  • There’s a short case study about how many people *stay* in business if all they plan to do, ever and exclusively, is what they love.
  • 10:37 If you don’t quit your job, you’re clearly not all in! Why this is another dangerous gem.
  • 12:04 What conditions have to be met, so “going all in” is not a ruinous choice?
  • 14:00 Gender-specific and racist business advice or “Are you not Gal Friday?”
  • 16:35 Getting all starry-eyed by (other people’s) big $$$ numbers:  the consequences. Plus an “oh, my sweet summer child” story of an adorable delusion on Reddit.
  • 25:15 Marina talks about the hidden dangers of seeing yourself as “not a big spender”. Things add up! Oh, so, so quickly…
  • 26:40 Getting into a crowded market – is it a good or a bad business advice?

    What's your favorite BAD business advice?