Making Your Very Own “Brain-Dead” Lists

We had an influx of new readers over the last couple days.
If you're one of them - welcome! I'm absolutely delighted to have you here!

My previous post was about stuff to do during creative downtimes.
Or, as that post stated,  ”7 *productive* things to do when brain-dead”. But you’re not me. You may have a very different set of things you prefer to do when you feel stuck, tired, depleted, but still have to be productive. So I’ve outlined a strategy to come up with your very own list of “stuff to do when brain-dead”.

It's really short, and you can complete your list in the next 20 minutes, including the time to read the guidelines below. Feel free to set a timer.

1. Write down a handful of things you love love love doing. Don't overthink it. 3-5 is a good start. 

2. Take note which activities require more of you. For example: let’s say you deeply love writing, but it requires a true presence of mind. This would be a 5. You may also be absolutely enamoured with surfing your Facebook Groups. That requires very little effort on your part, because you are a voracious reader and a natural connector. Facebook groups interactions are like breathing to you.
That would be a 1.

3. Write the required energy level next to each activity, rating them from 1 to 5.


4. Now make a list of stuff you really resent doing. Stuff you avoid it at all costs and, (this is the important part!) you find boring and tedious. For instance, you hate paying bills, or dread sifting through your Inbox. Maybe reconciling bank statements or reviewing fine print on contracts make you cringe. That kind of things.

5. Go through the same exercise, rating the hateful things on a scale from 1 to 5.


6. Now cross out any everything you rated 3, 4, or, 5. You’re left with low-energy activities you can do outside of your creative peaks.

That’s it, you’re done.


By the way? If you’re not feeling like doing any of the above -  Read a good book.