Episode 21: The Bus Problem

epi 21 cover.jpg

Show Notes:

  • 03:00 Are you more likely to get hit by a bus or win the lottery? And which is more likely to ruin your life?

  • 05:30 Shanna gives examples of how “the bus problem” has bit her, and how she was inspired to do better.

  • 8:30 What happens when YOU are hit by the bus

  • 10:00 How preparing for the bus problem differs from just stepping aside and hiring help a la Tim Ferriss

  • 12:30 Solving the Bus problem when you’re a one-person show

  • 13:45 The difference between ‘defensive strategies’ and ‘exit strategies’

  • 17:30 Identifying mission critical tasks that need to be handled and plan ahead to solve them

  • 20:00 Marina considers the difficulty of outsourcing her personality

  • 23:30 Shanna shares how she delegates to VAs in such a way that the bus is less affecting

  • 27:30 Dealing with control freak tendencies in order to be able to solve the bus problem

Do you think about your own bus problems? Please share in the comments!