Episode 19: Dashboards and Project Planning – Tools for Solopreneurs

epi 19 cover.jpg
  • 1:00 How we use (and don’t use) paper planners
  • 3:00 Drawbacks of a pure analog system
  • 5:00 When daily planning becomes project planning and the necessary tools required
  • 9:00 Marina breaks down when Gantt charts are the most suitable tool
  • 10:30 Shanna discusses why the ability to hide the things you can’t work on yet in Workflowy
  • 12:00 Different apps for different types of work
  • 13:00 Why a perfect “business dashboard” doesn’t exist
  • 15:00 Dashboard workarounds
  • 20:15 How dashboard touchstones help you maintain routines and rituals even when things are in a shambles.
  • 23:00 A long digression about Bullet Journals and the various ways they can be utilized.
  • 27:00 How to avoid spending too much time working on working rather than working.


Bullet Journals