Big or Granular? (from Mostly Dead to Fairly Functional, part III)

planning panda day 3.jpg

After the initial, guilt-free, capped in time period of stillness, it’s time to ask yourself: Do you have plans from before?

If you do, time to gently review these plans, gradually adjusting them to your current circumstances. Did anything change? Are there easier things to execute, while you’re not fully functional? For example, getting your books in order doesn’t require much creative energy. Same might be true for choosing pictures for your next blog post or product. Fun, easy, somewhat mindless stuff.

Following an existing plan removes the need to spend cognitive energy on decisions. In other words, it’s relatively easy to do, and you’ll need to do it anyway.

If you don’t have an existing plan, time to start planning. This is trickier that it may sound, especially of you’re not the planning type. The key here is to go either really big (I’d build my blog to 5 million subscribers over the next 2 years, and build a online store for my audience) or really small and granular (I’ll load the dishwasher, call Rebecca, and get out of the house for a 15 minute walk).

The key here is to go either really big or really granular.

Remember, we’re taking it easy now. You’re recovering, which means you haven’t recovered yet. Grand plans, as well as immediate plans are way easier to make than the dreaded and often avoided mid-term planning.
Grand plans are seductive and inspiring. Immediate plans are tangible, easy to execute, and therefore highly satisfying. As you build up your strength, this is where you want to be. (If you're ADHD-gifted, congratulations, you’re stellar at both!).

Grand plans are inspiring. Immediate plans tangible.

Speaking of planning -  when you go small and granular, you gradually build a repository of small wins. Why is this important? Because small wins make you feel good. They give you motivation, create momentum, and make you feel you're back in control of your schedule, your business, and possibly your life.  

More about small wins in the next post.