“A garden always gives back more than it receives”

“A garden always gives back more than it receives”  — Mara Beamish

It’s mid-January, and for many of us the brilliance of New Year’s Resolutions is dimming already.
To quote the great Brene Brown:
“January 1 – This resolution is going to be awesome!
January 5 – I’m awesome.
January 10 – This sucks.
January 20 – I suck."

The overwhelming majority of the resolutions work about as well as a fashionable diet: you might survive on violet juice for a few days, maybe even lose a few pounds, but that’s not really sustainable.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have goals. Recently I read about an alternative approach to goals -  a "tending", organic one that resonated with me:
The cycle of goal-achieving is like tending to a garden.
Treat it with the same respect and nuturing

I found it on Stacey’s Hall blog, and felt I that I wanted to share it with my readers. I asked Stacey and she graciously let me feature her post here. 

Stacey Hall is an Attraction Catalyst, a two-time best-selling author and a TEDx presenter. 
As ‘The Business Coach with a Heart,’ Stacey saves the lives of overwhelmed and out-of-balance business owners using a variety of natural and effective “antidotes” to physical, emotional, and mental stress.

Enter Stacey:
...Mara Beamish said  “A garden always gives back more than it receives”...

The full is post below: