Bouncing back, baby steps, and Nike taglines

It’s been a while and I missed you. The long silence wasn’t planned. Nobody plans to have a loved one go through a major medical ordeal. Thankfully, everyone is (mostly) fine now, but it’s been a… challenging winter.

These days it's all about bouncing back. About finding the strength to stop staring blankly at the screen, numb with worry. About getting the spark back after what can be mercifully described as a creative coma. About facing my audience after falling off the radar for a couple months. Have you forgotten about me by now? Would it feel weird? Is it better to pretend nothing happened?

I decided to charge head on, and just write.

In my book it’s better to do than to fear the awkwardness.

If I have a few people unsubscribe, because “who the heck are you and where have you been”, I understand.
How do you come back from a crisis? You tell yourself the worst is behind you – evidently, since you’re able to breath and even - oh, joy! - get a decent night sleep. Therefore,  it’s time to act. Trite as it may sound, Nike was right – just do it.

Baby steps are OK.

Maybe you buy a new pen. Or tidy up your office. Or tweet a funny quote. You just do. Something. And then another, maybe a little bigger, something. The planning, the strategy, the exact details –all of it will come later. For now – baby steps.
Anything that’ll get you off the ground. Or out of bed. Or out of Facebook.

The next baby step is remembering. Remembering that your readers, your audience, you tribe are out there. And if they wanted to read what you had to say before, there is a high likelihood they’d love to hear from you again.

For me, it works. 
This post is a baby step, and so it’s appropriately short.
You are a part of my tribe, and I trust you to have me back. Here I come!

Stay tuned, and feel free to share.