You can have this Ferrero Rocher. Anytime.

As a style choice, I'm not a huge fan of shiny objects. In fact, I try to have as few as possible in my immediate surroundings. Not a trivial task with a six-year-old girl in the house, but I'm doing a decent job.
Staying away from Shiny Objects in my business, however, is more challenging.

"The Truth About SEO!"  
"Make Six Figures in The Next Seven Days!" 
"Learn to Use Pinterest to Double Your Sales!" 

These are just a few snippets from my Facebook Feed, (and a "2nd priority" email folder). It's distracting, and it can shake one's confidence in the current course of action.
Since I'm a self-proclaimed productivity geek, distractions are sort of my natural enemy. Consequently, minimizing said distractions is a part of my job description.

Today I'm going to share one of the  most effective coping mechanisms I found over the last few years.

The mindset of "I can have it whenever I want to".  

Have you ever tried to lose weight?
I certainly did. For ages.  In my heaviest days I weighed more than the day I had my daughter. About 15 years ago I've reached my goal weight and stayed there ever since. 
So what finally did the trick? 
Surprisingly, the strategy that helped me eat well and stay fit to this day, is pretty similar to the tricks I use to keep my focus on business-related stuff.

"I can have it whenever I want to" means I don't have to have it this very second. This is not a rare chance I’d miss, if I don’t act right! freaking! now!.
It'll still be there when  (and if! - that's the sneaky, and the most important part) I'm truly in the mood/really need that thing.
Let's say someone offers me a fragrant, tempting, deliciously dark Ferrero Rocher chocolate.  Am I going to stop everything, grab it, and decadently enjoy it for the next 15 minutes? Maybe. If that’s what I really crave at that moment.  Say what you will, Ferrero Rocher is not a sin.
But, I know I can have this gorgeous chocolate anytime. Or not have it at all, if I crave a hazelnut-cream eclair instead. I can even have both, if I really want to (happened a few times, and I'm still here to tell the tale).  Either way, I won’t have missed out. The point is, it doesn’t feel that I absolutely HAVE TO EAT IT RIGHT NOW. "It" can wait, or completely pass by. And then I'd either still want it, or I wouldn't.  If I still crave it, fine. My body apparently needs some chocolate, and I trust my gut. If I don't, fine as well. I just saved myself some calories.
I can have it anytime.
This also works for New Best-Ever Facebook Ads Strategy Course. You can have it anytime, despite what the sales page says.

Once you eliminate the urgency, the temptation is not so tempting and the distraction is... well, not so distracting anymore. See what happened? An effortless decision without thinking too much about it. Without interrupting the flow of whatever I was doing before a shiny chocolate ball of decadence came to my attention. I treated that Shiny Object in a way that didn’t require an immediate decision, and certainly no action on my part.  

No decision required -> attention stays on task at hand.

Please share  - what are your tools to cope with the Shiny Object Syndrome?